Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen Wall

I've been wanting to paint a wall in the kitchen for a few months now. I like the color scheme but it was lacking a certain something. The cabinets are white and the walls are beige, so I wanted to throw another color in there that flowed with the rest of the house. We had a gallon of paint downstairs that we got for free. It's a shade similar to hot chocolate - not something I'd typically pick out but since it was free we figured we'd make use of it. Last spring we tried it out as an accent wall above the mantle. It took a little getting used to, but now I love it. Here's the mantle decorated for winter - thank you to my talented + thoughtful sister Andrea for making me the "Maranatha" banner (which means "Come, Lord!" in Aramaic) for my birthday.

So when I had a hankering to give the kitchen a bit of a facelift, it made sense to use this color again.

Very blah. Clearly needed something.

Ok so the change is subtle. But the contrast of colors (the beige in the kitchen is the same as the color on the window walls by the mantle) makes it feel a little more thought out. I also added some things to the wall.

1. I repainted this picture frame (that was sitting in a box in the basement) 
a shade of gray and filled it with a picture of London.

2. Another basement box picture frame that I took the backing out of and used as a dry erase meal planning board. I have some fabric I might use as a background instead, but for now this works.

3. A letter holder of my parents' that they no longer wanted. 
I also repainted this a shade of mint green.

All together, this project cost me $0 to do! I'm telling you - it's all about using what you have lying around the house and re-purposing/repainting it. Speaking of painting - thank you Tim for doing the hard work and painting the wall for me! And with only a brush as your tool!

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