Monday, May 11, 2009

Burnt Toast.

This morning I made Tim some English Muffins before he went to work. There must have been some crumbs in the toaster because, while the muffins weren't burnt, the whole apartment filled with the smell of burning bread. An hour later and the smell still lingers.

Well, life continues on.... slowly but surely. Painfully at times, but mostly pleasantly. I started a new job that I'm really enjoying so far. I think it will grow and stretch me in a lot of important ways and its also helping to better provide for us. Thank you Jesus for giving Tim and I good jobs in such a tough economy. 

Tim celebrated his 25th birthday on Saturday. The day was mostly spent relaxing which was nice - it is rare we have a day where nothing is planned or scheduled. I was so tired that day I ended up passing out almost as soon as we got home from dinner, although that was probably nice for Tim since it meant he could watch the Cavs game in peace. 

And so, 48 hours later we begin another week. Although, now that I have Mondays off, I have the joy of spending them however I please :)

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