Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunny Day.

Sunny days often equal sunny dispositions.

When I got home from work the apartment didn't smell quite so much like a dog which pretty much made my month.

There's a bag of Doritos on the coffee table which also makes me feel happy. Even if they do thwart my attempts to be healthy and all-natural/organic/fancy free. The list of ingredients is insanely long and offensive, but I'm choosing to happily ignore it while I lick the delicious cheese powder from my fingers. Mmmmm.

In all things television: sorely disappointed with The Office finale. Very few laughs, too many long-term plot lines getting in the way of short-term hilarious scenarios. Also - definitely rooting for Chris (last name escapes me) on American Idol. We all know my feelings (and Tim's) on Adam. Go Chris go! Or is it Kris?

We were with friends' of ours last night, who live in Berea, and as we were driving to their house,  I saw what I think was a foreclosure house going for $10,000. Ten thousand dollars for a whole house! That's a mere one thousand more than the price of my used car. INSANE.

So now our interest is peaked in finding one of these gems even though we swore off getting a house until decades from now. 


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