Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I can't believe its been almost 10 days since my last definitely feels as though Tim's been gone that long.

Most of you know by now the status of his condition; he is relatively stable, though still in critical condition and we're praying for a miracle. We're praying for life. For whatever reason I feel strange talking about it on I'm not going to.

Instead, I'll pass the time by reporting on everything else, which isn't much since most of what I've been doing has involved waiting for phone calls and then calling other people to tell them what I know.

But in my spare time... 
  • washed my car (onto which a bird promptly pooped)
  • watched 3 Cavs games (2 of which we lost, and Tim and I felt sad)
  • went to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (entertaining, but nothing to rave about)
  • slept over Ashley and Jason's for the first time :)
  • watched endless episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (I'll get to that later...)
  • cleaned the apartment, though not thoroughly
  • started running again - I've yet to rediscover a passion for it
  • worked, paid bills and did all those grown-up sorts of things.
So as I mentioned, I've been watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. In the past, I've always 'liked' though show, although I can only claim watching about two episodes. I admit that with all the controversy going on about them, my interest was peaked. And I have to say that after watching a good two or three seasons over the course of the weekend, the thing I kept saying to myself was "Kate is so mean to Jon!" 

I guess I'm just disappointed that all the hype about the show in past years didn't really live up to my expectations and that I found myself more upset for Jon and feeling sorry for him.

Let's just say I learned a lot about what NOT to do in my marriage.

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