Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sometimes I hallucinate sounds. Like the 'ding' my email inbox makes when I get new mail. Or the 'chime' of my phone saying I got a text.  Those are exciting sounds, so maybe that's why I think I hear them when I don't. Sort of like a 'sound mirage'.
So I'm starting my second week at CTK and loving it so far. Challenging but fun. Great creative outlet. Awesome. Here is a sample of my redesign of the bulletin. 

I'm missing England today. I think its just because I get restless every now and then. For something new. New sights... new places to visit.... fresh smells and more exciting sounds. Of course I always put those restless thoughts away because its not time for them right now. But they are always there.... trying to steal my sense of contentment for today. 

Trying to find my contentment in the quiet stillness of God. This can prove to be challenging. Also trying to get back into running. And being artful in my spare time. Also proving to be a challenge. 

Here's to overcoming those challenges in record time.

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