Thursday, May 28, 2009


So in the past few days I've really developed a personal investment in the game of basketball, and particularly this last series.

But come on Cavs! Get your act together! Everyone is saying that if they lose the championship, LeBron will leave Cleveland when his contract is up. And just when I started to really enjoy myself...

Look at me, talking sports! Who wudda thunk.

I ended up editing my post from yesterday. In the heat of the moment, I said some unfair things about the whole Jon and Kate thing. Things which I'm sure God will hold me accountable to in light of my own wifely shortcomings.

Sooo....we'll know tomorrow, for sure we think, what the outcome will be with Tim's dad. 

We're hoping he chooses life. In Jesus' name!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I can't believe its been almost 10 days since my last definitely feels as though Tim's been gone that long.

Most of you know by now the status of his condition; he is relatively stable, though still in critical condition and we're praying for a miracle. We're praying for life. For whatever reason I feel strange talking about it on I'm not going to.

Instead, I'll pass the time by reporting on everything else, which isn't much since most of what I've been doing has involved waiting for phone calls and then calling other people to tell them what I know.

But in my spare time... 
  • washed my car (onto which a bird promptly pooped)
  • watched 3 Cavs games (2 of which we lost, and Tim and I felt sad)
  • went to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (entertaining, but nothing to rave about)
  • slept over Ashley and Jason's for the first time :)
  • watched endless episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (I'll get to that later...)
  • cleaned the apartment, though not thoroughly
  • started running again - I've yet to rediscover a passion for it
  • worked, paid bills and did all those grown-up sorts of things.
So as I mentioned, I've been watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. In the past, I've always 'liked' though show, although I can only claim watching about two episodes. I admit that with all the controversy going on about them, my interest was peaked. And I have to say that after watching a good two or three seasons over the course of the weekend, the thing I kept saying to myself was "Kate is so mean to Jon!" 

I guess I'm just disappointed that all the hype about the show in past years didn't really live up to my expectations and that I found myself more upset for Jon and feeling sorry for him.

Let's just say I learned a lot about what NOT to do in my marriage.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm going to keep this brief, but just wanted to put a big prayer request out for Rick, Tim's dad, who was in a car accident early yesterday morning.

His condition is life threatening. We're also not sure about the condition of the driver/passengers in the other car, and we're praying for them and their family as well.

Tim is down in Florida now with his brother and sister waiting to hear more news on the outcome of his surgeries and continued treatment.

Will post again soon when I know more...

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today is a day when I can't wait for the Final Day.

When everyone knows Who is Who, and what is what. 

When all lips are silenced. When all souls are put in their eternal place.

When all issues, debates and dilemmas over the correct interpretation of Scripture are over.

When no one is "right" or "wrong" - but all are made fools in the light of His Truth.

I can't wait until its all...
Done. Undeniable. Undisputed.

For GOD ALONE to FINALLY have the last Word. 

I can't wait for this war to be finished. 

Sunny Day.

Sunny days often equal sunny dispositions.

When I got home from work the apartment didn't smell quite so much like a dog which pretty much made my month.

There's a bag of Doritos on the coffee table which also makes me feel happy. Even if they do thwart my attempts to be healthy and all-natural/organic/fancy free. The list of ingredients is insanely long and offensive, but I'm choosing to happily ignore it while I lick the delicious cheese powder from my fingers. Mmmmm.

In all things television: sorely disappointed with The Office finale. Very few laughs, too many long-term plot lines getting in the way of short-term hilarious scenarios. Also - definitely rooting for Chris (last name escapes me) on American Idol. We all know my feelings (and Tim's) on Adam. Go Chris go! Or is it Kris?

We were with friends' of ours last night, who live in Berea, and as we were driving to their house,  I saw what I think was a foreclosure house going for $10,000. Ten thousand dollars for a whole house! That's a mere one thousand more than the price of my used car. INSANE.

So now our interest is peaked in finding one of these gems even though we swore off getting a house until decades from now. 


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sometimes I hallucinate sounds. Like the 'ding' my email inbox makes when I get new mail. Or the 'chime' of my phone saying I got a text.  Those are exciting sounds, so maybe that's why I think I hear them when I don't. Sort of like a 'sound mirage'.
So I'm starting my second week at CTK and loving it so far. Challenging but fun. Great creative outlet. Awesome. Here is a sample of my redesign of the bulletin. 

I'm missing England today. I think its just because I get restless every now and then. For something new. New sights... new places to visit.... fresh smells and more exciting sounds. Of course I always put those restless thoughts away because its not time for them right now. But they are always there.... trying to steal my sense of contentment for today. 

Trying to find my contentment in the quiet stillness of God. This can prove to be challenging. Also trying to get back into running. And being artful in my spare time. Also proving to be a challenge. 

Here's to overcoming those challenges in record time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Burnt Toast.

This morning I made Tim some English Muffins before he went to work. There must have been some crumbs in the toaster because, while the muffins weren't burnt, the whole apartment filled with the smell of burning bread. An hour later and the smell still lingers.

Well, life continues on.... slowly but surely. Painfully at times, but mostly pleasantly. I started a new job that I'm really enjoying so far. I think it will grow and stretch me in a lot of important ways and its also helping to better provide for us. Thank you Jesus for giving Tim and I good jobs in such a tough economy. 

Tim celebrated his 25th birthday on Saturday. The day was mostly spent relaxing which was nice - it is rare we have a day where nothing is planned or scheduled. I was so tired that day I ended up passing out almost as soon as we got home from dinner, although that was probably nice for Tim since it meant he could watch the Cavs game in peace. 

And so, 48 hours later we begin another week. Although, now that I have Mondays off, I have the joy of spending them however I please :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Carpet Cleaner.

Who knew that a carpet cleaner from Home Depot would be the key to unlocking my happiness?

I can't begin to describe the joy I received from meticulously rinsing, scrubbing, de-odorizing every patch of visible carpet in the apartment last night. AMAZING. 

I realized I have an OCD for bad smells and dirty carpet. Of course, now Tim and I feel like our lungs are full of the heavy chemicals we've been breathing in. But hopefully it will have aired out by the time we get home today. 

It's sad, but every time I look at the picture of the carpet cleaner, I think "You are such a beautiful piece of equipment" and warm feelings rise up inside me. Perhaps its the effect of those chemicals. All I know is, I thanked Jesus about five times yesterday for helping the human race invent this machine, and for Home Depot renting one to me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dog Hater.

Yes, I'll admit it... today, I HATE having a dog. 

I think its partly because Tim's gone and looking after her feels more of a burden. But mostly because Olive chewed more of the baby gate and she just seems to be a pestering, obnoxious little fart that lies around or makes the apartment her personal toilet .....

...and the worst of it is - yes, this truly is the worst for me - the wonderful smell our apartment used to have has now become on a GOOD day a mildly ok smell, but mostly a horrible doggish odor.

Please remember I have an incredibly sensitive nose (ex. Tim's beard's scents) and I'm therefore that much more bothered by unpleasant smells.

So thanks Olive. Thanks for making the apartment stink and for RUINING MY LIFE.

Haha, just kidding on the latter. No joke on the stink.

I have a feeling my hate will dissolve to mild appreciation once she's as trained as a circus animal. Until then, Olive and I are totally in a fight.
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