Tuesday, April 20, 2010

David the Gnome.

Tim and I recently purchased the dvd box set of David the Gnome - a cartoon we used to watch when we were little about a gnome doctor that lives in the forest. It seems a lot of people our age have similar euphoric feelings attached to the memory of this show, so we thought we'd buy it for ourselves Jack.

We'd actually been talking about David the Gnome and wanting to revisit its splendor months before I got pregnant, so we couldn't wait for it to arrive in the mail a few weeks ago and start watching it as soon as we had it in our hot little hands.

Of course, watching the show as a simple-minded six year old is far different from watching it now, especially when it comes to the rather... "odd" breaks in the plot. For example, David the Gnome is first introduced to viewers as he sits and washes himself in the tub (and subsequently gets out of the tub as his wife holds a towel up). An interesting choice for "first impressions" - we felt - but amusing nonetheless.

A few episodes later, during a tour of his home, you find David sitting on the toilet, pants down, telling viewers that the bathroom is his favorite room in the house - which he calls the "Recreational Room" - because he enjoys relaxing and whittling while he's in there (essentially, while he poops...) And of course, they show a shot of three or four little wooden figurines he's whittled during his current "session."

Puzzling. Amusing, but puzzling.

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