Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Beginnings.

I know its been a while. Almost a year. I'm always torn between whether or not to write blogs, because I'm certain no one is reading them. But maybe I'm wrong. After all, I know how much I love reading about daily goings-on of different people in my life, especially those who I don't get to see on a regular basis.

So the Myers' blog is officially reopened for business. I figure with the BIG change coming up in just over two months, we'll have lots to talk about. Not to mention the exciting fact of finally living in our own place again (renovation is almost complete!)

For those of you who aren't caught up since... July of 2009 (the last time I posted about us).... alot has changed. We moved back in with my parents while we await our new apartment's completion - a project that has taken far longer than any of us expected. And of course... the least expected change came back in October when I found out I was pregnant!

Little Jack Myers is due June 21 (by induction) unless he decides to make an appearance without assistance :) We can't WAIT to meet him. What we know about him so far is:
  • He's a boy (obviously!)
  • He has long femur bones which means long legs (hmmm, I wonder who he gets those from?)
  • He likes to kick those long legs with much vim and vigor.
  • His favorite hobby is hiccuping - and doing so quite frequently.
  • In the prophetic words of two separate people, he's going to be "feisty."
  • He is, quite simply, a little miracle sent to us from God.
Alright, well we'll see how this all goes with me posting and such. As always, I make no promises that I'll be able to keep up!


  1. I read all of your blogs and throughly enjoy them :)

  2. I am so glad you are blogging again I love reading peoples blog. I like to write mine just for fun I know at least 4 people read it but other than that I really don't care it is nice just to write because I enjoy it. but your's will definetly be read I can't wait to hear all about baby Jack. You know Casey was a kicker and a hiccup kid inside and she is definetly our fiesty one!


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