Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I'm pretty obsessed with my baby registries. And by obsessed I mean I'm constantly tweaking the lists, adding things, removing things, reading customer reviews.....
In my quest to hone in on the best necessities, I occasionally come across some products that I'd consider to be a bit.... excessive. Here are two examples:

The Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Cover

Now I'm not opposed to the cart cover concept, but do you really need that much fabric? Why anyone would want to walk around a store with this giant contraption covering their cart is beyond me. That said - the product got good reviews from 42 moms.

High Five H1N1 50 Pack Face Masks

These are definitely my favorite. 1) Because they're special "H1N1" face masks and 2) They're found on the Toys R Us website. Are people still that concerned with swine flu that they'd invest ten bucks in a pack of some pretty serious looking face masks? So far no customer reviews are posted... so perhaps this "new" product entered the market a bit late.

Alright, back to my search. I'll post more products as I come across them!


  1. LOL I love it! I had a cart cover but I have never seen one with that much fabric! I have seen moms walking around with the cart thingy when their kid is like 2...I stopped using mine once they hit 11 months cause frankly they touch everything anyway and it kinda defeats the purpose. Have fun with your lists!!!

  2. What's the link to your registries? Can I see? :)

  3. too funny.can't wait to see what else you come across


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