Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exercise (?)

I, like most other moms on the planet, would like to get my body back in better-than-pre-pregnancy-shape. The problem is - it's hard to find the time, not to mention the energy.

Do ya feel me?

Another obstacle is that our back room, where we keep the elliptical, is being occupied by our friend Cameron who will be living with us until May 21st when he gets married. The elliptical is still usable, but I obviously only feel comfortable using it when he's not home.

So that leaves me two options - go outside to work out or do my work out DVDs in the family room (also something I'd rather do when no one is home). And the outside option will quickly be eliminated once the winter weather sets in.

So my question again is - when and where should I go about getting back in shape!? It's a noble thought that I might get up in the wee hours of the morning, before the baby and any other household member is awake, but I barely have the energy to get out of bed to brush my teeth, let alone do a whole lot of jumping and squatting and sitting-upping.

It would seem that I'm listing all these excuses as a way to convince myself, more than anyone else, that I'm justified in my lack of physical activity. But I really do want to make an effort - it just seems so impossible. Maybe I can join that $9 a month gym around the corner from us?

Urghhhh - thank goodness breast feeding burns calories otherwise I'd have never made it back in my pre-prego jeans.

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  1. you should work out in your bedroom!!! but i totally feel ya!


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