Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 months


I started writing this several weeks ago, but finishing it got lost in the shuffle of our busy lives. Perhaps it was good though, because it's given me more time to reflect on the fact that we're already almost halfway through your first year with us. It seemed to fly by, just as everyone forewarned. And they weren't kidding when they said how important it is to savour every moment. I think your dad and I need to be better about that - about setting aside special, uninterrupted, all-eyes-on-you time. Not that we don't devote lots of hours in the day to your care, but it's different when we make our world stop for a moment and take stock of how special it is to be together.

Since my last letter a few new things have happened in your little life. First and foremost - you rolled over for the first time! You actually did it twice in a row (and looked pretty shocked when it happened) and then waited several weeks to roll over for your dad, since he wasn't there the first time. Aside from the past couple of weeks, you've also started to learn how to go to sleep for most if not all of the night, which is lovely - please keep this habit up!

Every now and then you enjoy watching "Pingu," the claymation penguin and you're still a pretty big football fan. I don't like to encourage much t.v. watching though.... I try to keep things organic. You also love your fancy giraffe teething toy (basically a glorified dog chew toy) which your dad and I are happy about because that thing was kind of expensive. You've also begun to excel at the jolly jumper - it's fun to watch you pump your little legs with an expression of purpose on your face. Cameron, daddy and I also made up a jolly jumper jingle that we'll have to teach you when you're older.

You've become so much better about letting family members and even strangers hold you. For a while there you only wanted daddy or I which, while it made us feel very special, hurt a lot of people's feelings, especially the Grandpas. You also really enjoy being around other children, perhaps because they're your size, and you always get a little twinkle in your eye when they're around. Daddy keeps saying we need to make a little sister or brother for you so you can always have someone to play with, but I'm content to have you to myself for now.

I can't wait to enter into the Christmas season with you, especially since your only a couple weeks away from being 6 months old, which is often thought of as the best age in the first year. Just your presence in our lives is going to make this year so much more special than any we've experienced.

I also can't wait for you to start eating real food! You've had a taste or two of it already and I think you can't wait to get started either. You even love taking little sips from our cups of water, though it usually just ends up with you blowing bubbles or letting it all fall out of your mouth.

Alright, this is getting very long now. Thanks for being such a good natured little babe and for being so darn cute all the time! We love you to bits and pieces.

Mummy and Dad

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  1. what a lovely peak into the life of itsy-bitsy-jackaroo!
    i hope to meet this lil guy someday (:


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