Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blossom Festival

For the third year in a row, we went to Chagrin Falls for the annual Blossom Festival. We all gather at Aunt Kim and Uncle Daniel's, meander down the road for a glimpse at the parade and then eat delicious food back at the house. This was Jack's first taste of a small town parade and we were curious to see how he'd respond. We had quickly handed him off to Tim's sister when we got there, expecting that he would start to cry, especially since he's not been feeling 100% lately, but were pleasantly surprised when he sat on her lap, quietly taking it all in as his little cheeks grew more and more pink from the 80 degree weather.

Also in the rookie category to the whole experience were Cameron and Ellie who tagged along with us - they are, after all, part of the family these days. I still can't believe that at the age of 23, Cameron had not been to a parade up until today.

One thing they introduced us to was Jeni's Ice Cream Shop (they'd visited one on their honeymoon), which just so happened to be situated in the town square. The prices were a bit high ($3 for one half-scoop. That's right... a half scoop) but as Tim put it, "Would you rather pay $3 for two scoops of cheap ice cream, or $3 for a half scoop of really good ice cream?" And truth be told, Jeni's ice cream is pretty high end. Any ice cream shop that sells flavors like Goat Cheese with Red Cherries isn't going to come cheap. And for all those unique flavor combinations, I ended up going with boring dark chocolate though the taste was far from boring - and ok, almost worth the $3.

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  1. 3.00 for HALF a scoop!? wow! I am super curious did anyone have the goatcheese and cherries? It sounds delish!! We went into 3 icecream places on our vacation in March and I made us leave each one because the prices were amazingly high. I mgiht be tempted to try Jenny's though for the unique flavors


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