Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goderich, please

A good part of my summers have been spent in Goderich, Ontario - a place so close to my heart that it pains me when we can't go. This year was looking to be one of those sorely-missed visits, but a change in my parents plans just might make it happen.

There have been talks over the years of relocating our all-family vacation to somewhere within the States to keep it closer to home, but I always insist that it won't be the same. There's a legacy that exists within our family of summers spent at the cottage in Canada (not America). Returning to Goderich is a reminder of all the memories of old and an opportunity to make new ones with the up and coming generations in our family. It's a place to remember and reflect - to think on and thank Nanny and Grandpa, the two very special people who are no longer with us, but without whom the tradition might never have been started. My sense of loyalty to this place and pastime runs deep which must be why I feel it's an insult to suggest that we should ever carry on the tradition somewhere else.

All that said, I'm praying that plans are finalized to go up in August. Due to the growing size of our family (8 grandkids and counting!), we've had to up the rental to three cottages (we started with 1!) and seeing as this is all very last minute, it will be quite the small-time miracle if it actually all comes to fruition. I so hope it does. It would do my heart good to return to the sparkling shores of Lake Huron.

Hal and Jude enjoying the sunset :)

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  1. That looks beautiful! And I will be praying you get your family traditional vaca. I am a tradition girl myself. So much so that my family finds it a tad annoying at times because I start to spout off memories and reasons as to why it would be just horrid to break from tradition in certain things. I feel for you and I know Jack would love to go on your family vacaction in Canada as he gets older


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