Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthdays and other things.

I turned 28 this past Monday. The closer I get to 30 the less I feel able to claim it (maturity wise) which might be why I have a hard time remembering how old I am; my brain seems stuck at 24.

This year the celebration was a bit disjointed due to a couple not so pleasant factors but it made the lovely things all the lovelier in comparison, especially since it was filled with rarities like:

{my sister driving down from Ontario on a whim to spend Saturday with me}
{having lunch with just my sisters and parents (+ Jack & Moses) which hasn't happened in years}
{ordering creme brulee when Tim and I went out for my birthday lunch. it.was.divine}

It was only my second or third time eating creme brulee, but I've decided that it will be my dessert of choice every January 30. It's too rich to eat all the time (hello cholesterol) but too delicious to only be eaten every several years. Ok, who am I kidding.... now that I've been reminded about how amazing it is, I'll probably eat it again before the year's out. It was probably the best $6 I've spent in months!

Since most of my days are spent indoors due to the weather as well as trying to recover from surgery, I've been conscious of avoiding the temptation to wear a housecoat and pajama bottoms all day. As comfy as that may be, I tend to feel more zippy and fresh if I've taken the time to actually get ready for the day. This includes putting on a little make up and lately I've been wanting to get some new lipstick - something I haven't worn in years. Now I know outer appearance is NOT what "makes me a woman" but putting on some lipstick or painting my nails makes me feel extra-feminine - it counters the "housecoat mentality" nicely. Do you know what I mean? Plus Tim loves it! So aside from my new lipstick - I have a shade of pink and a shade of red (!) - I'm also excited about my new pair of bright red Tom's shoes that Tim got me for my birthday. I've been wanting them for a while and Tom's classics are great for spring and summer. Plus, for every pair you buy  they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. Win win!


  1. cute shoes!!

    and oh friend, Creme Broulee is my FAVOURITE dessert.

    this summer, i'll make it for us when we're in the Bible belt with y'all ;)

  2. Yes! That would be amazing. Gosh I hope we will be able to make it down there to visit you guys!

    Have you heard of Tom shoes? They're not terribly expensive and as I mentioned they give a pair to a child in need for every pair they sell - so you can feel extra good about your purchase!

  3. oh lauren!
    you beautiful babe. Happy Belated Birthday (:


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