Sunday, February 5, 2012


Totally getting monk vibes here
(especially paired with the medieval themed bib) 

This morning I committed a carnal sin of parenting - I attempted to cut my child's hair without the guidance of a professional. My sisters have both had similar disasters themselves, so I should have known better. But of course, we all think our untrained hairdressing skills will be the exception to the rule. The sad thing is - most of us do it in the name of saving time and money and in the end, your "quick fix" just lands you with a trip to the hair salon so you can pay someone to salvage your child's shorn locks.

Granted.... Jack's hair isn't that bad. But it's pitiful enough that he'll be wearing a hat for a while - even in the house (haha, jk). I get a little shock to my system every time I catch a glance of his weird hair. This morning I kept asking him to look at me, in the hopes that the more times I saw his hair the  more I'd like it - or at least, the less upsetting it would be. Nope - still stressed out about it. Hopefully Tim's aunt - who's a hairdresser - can come to the rescue, and soon. The hair at the back of his head is still long (I'd learned my lesson by the time I'd finished with the front) so the more time it has to grow out, the more it's going to look like a mullet :(


  1. I"m laughing so hard! He looks Amish!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. oh jack. you're such a cute monk (:


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