Thursday, February 16, 2012


So here we are, one month to the day that we brought Moses home from the hospital and while the transition from one child to two has been challenging (more on that later) its been such a blessing and such a joy to have him in the family. I have a special love for that little guy, I really do.  

Another big change as of late is that Tim has a new job (!) - it all happened very fast and the way his other job ended was very stressful and upsetting - but it's turned out to be a great thing (so far). His schedule is so much more conducive to family life: 8 to 4:30 with weekends off. WEEKENDS OFF. He hasn't had weekends off in almost two years. Amazing. And this week he's been able to come home for lunch. I love it. Money will be tight but I feel like it's so worth it if it means more time together.

Speaking of time together, Valentine's Day was a near miss this year. I say that because, as it always goes, Moses slept all day until the exact moment that dinner was being placed on the table. And then a few minutes after that Jack woke up and started crying too. Welcome to Valentine's Day with kids. I swear they have internal radars for waking up at the most inconvenient moments. It's uncanny. Thankfully they quieted down quickly. But anyways... my mom had gifted us a little money to put towards dinner, so I settled on some fresh wild shrimp ($15 a pound! Crazy!) and made this (tasty) paired with this (amazing) and finished with these (addictive). All delicious. I love because you can always feel confident that if over four thousand people have reviewed it and almost 100,000 people have saved the recipe it's going to be good. I had originally wanted to go with a lamb dish (Tim's favorite) but thought that was a little too ambitious considering I have no idea what it means to "pair and french" a rack of lamb.

My handmade Valentine's card for Timmy

There's so many other things I've wanted to blog about but can't seem to find the time.  Things like:

- worshiping with Aaron Gillespie
- practicing sustainability
- the challenges of motherhood
- update on those goals for 2012

Someday soon I'll find the time!

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