Monday, February 20, 2012

Snack Addict.

Today marked the first day of me making healthier choices. I'm convinced that most of North America has a food addiction, myself included. The power food can have over my emotions is incredible. Case in point - during pregnancy, when I was forced to be careful about my carb intake, I'd get really depressed if I couldn't eat what I wanted to. And we're talking about a few chips and cookies here. I also want to stay true to my list of five goals for the year, and getting back in shape is on there.

I want to to want healthy, whole foods that actually do something for my body. Not just food that tastes good - and often makes me gain weight and feel gross. I'm a huge huge advocate for the argument that the food you eat has a direct effect on anything and everything that's going on with your health - especially cancer prevention; I'm also a huge junk food junkie. Sooo figure that one out.

A few months ago I started a great book on food addiction and how it relates to our walk with God called Made to Crave. Just like every other topical book on things of the Christian nature, I get totally caught up in the first chapter, rave about the book and then fail to finish it. I have a whole bookcase of barely started books. But I really do want to finish reading that book. I do I do!

I don't really have a plan of attack yet - just trying not to eat whatever, whenever  but rather be really intentional. Here are a couple of guidelines I'm going to try and slowly incorporate into my lifestyle:

  • limit the insane amount of snacking I do
  • eat more fruits and vegetables - preferably raw
  • cut down on the carbs (especially sugar)
  • have an accountability partner to keep me on track

Basically, it's all about 
Here's to doing just that.

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  1. Best wishes! I totally understand your desire to be healthy. I just found out I have a gluten allergy & man what an eye opener. Good luck! I am cheering for you & I know your family is too.


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