Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loss & Gain.

We seem to be in an endless season of fluctuation - an ebb and flow of loss and gain. That's life I suppose, but I've felt it keenly these past few months.

Losing a job, gaining a job, losing a job, gaining a job.
Losing insurance, gaining insurance, losing insurance, gaining insurance.
Losing a friendship, gaining a friendship.
Losing hope, gaining hope.

So often it can feel like I'm just treading water in a big ocean trying to keep my head above the waves. Thankful for the normal and mundane even, because it means there's nothing terrible in its place, but also hoping for something more, something that makes me stop treading water and makes me want to swim.  That something is found in God, I know, and so I'm searching. There are so many secrets and Truths of the God I serve that I have yet to discover. And He's showing me the way through this twisting, complicated, confusing often painful path of loss and gain. Sometimes I just need to stop and breathe in a a good worship song to get my heart right and get back to something simple and uncomplicated. Like salve on a wound, this song is helping me through this difficult week. I get lost in it. It also sends Moses off to sleep.

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