Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy! Woo!

Lately we have been on this pseudo detox/health craze thanks to Cameron and Ellie who are apparently training for a triathlon. I say apparently because I'm still not sure if they know which triathlon it is they're working towards, nor when nor where. But in any case, they asked us to go along with the diet they're on, and so far so good. We've been blindly following Ellie's advice on the detox portion of it which at this point still hasn't eliminated refined sugar... which I'm pretty sure is one of the first things to go. Instead, it was caffeine which resulted in the boys having killer headaches which we all know = caffeine addiction.

Oh, and may I just say that in regards to the word caffeine, the whole "i before e except after c" does not apply here!!!!!!! I had a teacher tell me years ago that that rule is absolute on any word. So now every time I see a word, such as caffeine, where the rule does not apply, I think of that teacher and wish I could call her and say, "Guess what lady?!" Except in a nicer, kinder way :D

I finished all my Christmas gifting for Tim... now I just have to decide on some gift ideas for myself. We decided to keep the limit for spending at $50 for each of us because there's really no need to buy more (or buy at all for that matter) but it does make it difficult to think of more than one or two things that stay within our budget. So far, all I've come up with is a new watch band which Tim feels is terribly boring. I ordered this book for myself the other day (totally off topic) and I'm pretty darn excited about using it. Jack is 7 days from being 6 months old (crazy!) which means real food. We've been cheating a bit early with some of these... which he loves ... but haven't officially started replacing one of his milk meals with a food meal.

Eeeek, I hate too much baby talk because I know it turns into blah blah blah for other people and I always promised myself I wouldn't be that mom that has lost any interest in topics of conversation that don't involve her child(ren).

Ok ... quick what else?! Nope, I've gone blank. I will say I'm soooooo pumped for the Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavs showdown tonight. The return of Lebron... what will the Cleveland fans do? I'm not a sports person, but when Lebron was here I really got into basketball. Since "taking his talents to South Beach" I've reverted back to a blissful indifference to sporting events, except of course for this one monumental game. And of course I'm hoping Miami loses.

Oh and did I mention that I love, love, LOVE that it's Christmas season and that when it's chilly outside I can be inside all cozy with my friends and family playing Settlers and sipping hot tea with toast? Well I do!

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