Monday, December 27, 2010

6 months.

Dear Jack,

We're almost at the end of month six. People ask me all the time if you're crawling yet. I always have to say no. What's up with that? Just kidding. We love you.

Not a whole lot of obvious changes have happened this month, at least not that I can tell. Except maybe that you got a nice tuft of fluffy hair on your head. And ok... you can use your hands a lot more. And maybe you did get a lot better at figuring out how to do things for yourself. Oh yeah, and with our help you can totally sip water from a big person cup. So ok, you deserve more credit than I'm giving you.

To be honest, I'm kind of thankful you aren't crawling yet because it means I can leave all those cords and wires exposed. And the little decorative acorns in the fireplace don't have to be put away. And its not a big deal if there are dustballs all over the floor because you aren't able to get to them and put them in your mouth like every other inanimate object you get your sticky little hands on. However, we did realize that perhaps you'll be a more contented little guy once you're not immobile. That's why we asked for a walker for you for Christmas (while turning a blind eye to those pesky precautionaries that claim them to be dangerous - your aunt and uncle fell down the stairs in one and they're fine. Plus, we don't have stairs.) You're dad and I couldn't wait to get home and set it up for you and plop you in it. That's when we noticed that your feet are still a good four or five inches from the ground when you're in it. So.... sorry buddy you're still immobile until your next growth spurt. Unless of course you learn to crawl first, but where's the fun in that?

Speaking of growth spurts, the doctor wants you to fatten up. So I feel like I've been feeding you with the same tenacity the witch in Hansel and Gretel fed all the little children she came across. Except I don't plan on cooking you in the oven. But you get the idea. Eat more so you can climb those percentile charts.

One of my favorite things lately is the way you choose to fall asleep. While I would absolutely love (love love LOVE) if you just fell asleep on your own with no help whatsoever, I don't mind the fact that you make a big stink when you're put in your crib for nap or bedtime so that I'll come in and put my face real close to yours and cover it with kisses. You always immediately close your eyes and start falling asleep and settling down which is special and sweet. Although this usually has to happen a couple times before you actually fall asleep which is the not so fun part.

You're a little pistol Jack, I'm not going to lie. You get that from me. But you're my favorite little boy in the whole wide world and I wouldn't change a thing about you. These last six months, while tiring and trying at times, have been so fun and rewarding and we have you to thank for that as well as the incredible, awesome God who knit you together in the womb and brought you here for a very special and specific purpose.

We can't wait to see what He has in store for you :) Looking forward to next month and all the months to follow as we watch you grow and learn.


Your Adoring Parents

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  1. lol i absolutely love this letter to jack. i'm sure he'll be thankful that you didn't put him in the oven ;o).
    lauren, you are a riot and you never fail to make me chuckle and put a ginormous smile upon my face. i sure do miss you and will make an effort to visit you some day soon.

    <3 jamee


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