Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Bowen

I posted about this little baby boy several weeks back and I'm going to mention him again because he is just so sweet and in a small way, reminds me of Jack. I don't often have warm fuzzy feelings about other people's children, especially children who are complete strangers, but for whatever reason this little baby and his family are heavy on my heart and I feel this deep compassion for them and their situation. I am continuing to pray that God strengthens and comforts this little baby in his distress, as well as his parents. Please visit Bowen's blog (click the link!) and watch the new video... he is so sweet. My heart always breaks when I see the feeding tube coming out of his nose, but I'm so encouraged by his progress and the fact that he's home.

Oh, and I've watched the video Matt posted like 20 times. This baby is SO cute!

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