Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well.... I had my first experience with a seriously poopy diaper.

Tim and I have both been sick the past couple of days - me since Friday, with an upper respiratory version of the flu, Tim with, shall we say... the "lower half" version of the flu. Naturally we have been concerned that Jack would contract one or both strains of the virus. No serious symptoms have arisen, however today he gave me a run for my money with a diaper explosion.

While Tim was getting an MRI, I took Jack out to the car to feed him during which he let out a couple horrendously smelly farts (the rotten egg kind) and them preceded to fill his diaper - to the max - with a liquid form of said fart. Haha - this is so gross, but imagine having to change that diaper!

I was hoping the warmth on his back was just.... sweat? Nope that's definitely poop! And sure enough it had just covered his back and soaked through two onesies, both of which had to be disposed of in the bathroom garbage at the clinic we were at. I admit, I contemplated trying to salvage them but between the giant stains and the foul odor that would follow me around, I decided to leave them behind. Speaking of the bathroom, the area I assumed was meant as a changing station was not lit... at all... so I was trying to wipe poop off of everything in the dark. It was fun, to say the least. Oh, and a nice lady just happened to come in as I was beginning to change him and was kind enough to offer some encouragement even amidst a most offensive smell and the ever-present threat that diarrhea would come shooting out of Jack's bum while I wiped away.

Anyways, we survived. Though I can't seem to get the smell of that poop out of my nostrils.

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  1. LOL!!!!!! That is soooooooo funny. I wish I could have let you have my kiddos to practice with they both were known for that. I got to be a pro at being fast and prepared for public changing of explosive diapers (at least the ones that came up the back) I was blessed that they stopped once they got older and were crawling. No horror stories there so I will be praying this is your only one you have to deal with.


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