Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deactivating Facebook.

I generally keep the knowledge of this blog's existence to myself. I'll admit it, I'm a closet blogger. I hate associating myself with the term. The word blog makes my skin crawl. I feel like a nerd. I prefer to write to the anonymous void rather than a crowd of people I have to see on a regular basis. I even hate the thought that Tim reads this (he's not allowed to read it when I'm in the same room.)

But since making the decision to deactivate my Facebook account on January 1 (along with Tim) I figured there were a handful of people out there who would want to keep up with our life. So I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and let all 813 of our combined friends know this is where all future updates will be found. Big decision and hopefully not one I come to sorely regret.

Why do I blog if I harbor so much shame for the process? Much like a dieter enjoys the cathartic process of reviewing the number of apples versus pieces of cheese they ate in the day, I find the writing down of menial, everyday goings on a strangely therapeutic way of making a normal life seem fascinating. The real question is who out there is trying to live a more interesting life so they have something better to blog about?

So there you have it. I blog. I'm a blogger. Welcome to my blog.

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