Friday, December 31, 2010


Eden, Jack and Lydia

My cousin and her husband and two little girls are down this week for a long overdue visit. Allie and James are one of the most fun couples I know and its always such a blessing when we get to spend time together. A lot of our time is usually spent buying and eating junk food - no joke. James and Tim have a special bond over their love of processed food. I think we've gone through about 4 bags of chips in three days. Gross. But delicious (?) My stomach is begging for mercy and fruit.

On the down side, none of us have gotten much sleep due to children waking up at night and crying including one very small, very tenacious, very ornery blond haired, and blue eyed baby who decided it was best to scream his little head off at 1 in the morning for an hour and a half the first night.

So post-Facebook (starting tomorrow!), I'll not only be learning to knit but also to finally, finally play the guitar. Tim's selling his latest bass guitar for something less expensive so he can also get me my own acoustic. I'm very much one of those people who likes to be great at something right away - which is why I've never stuck with learning an instrument in the past. It's also why I think it's funny that I'm taking on two new skills at once. But hey, I'm going for it. I'm sure before long Tim and Jack will have a collection of ratty looking scarves and lopsided hats. Afterall, every wannabe hipster needs to learn how to knit and play guitar before they've truly arrived. Not that I think I'll ever be that cool. I don't have the hair. Or the wardrobe.

I do however, possess a MacBook.

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