Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Text(s) of my Dreams.

Let it be known by all that on February 9, 2011, one Timothy R Myers sent the following series of texts to myself, the happy recipient of a long-awaited concession of will:

TM: I want to join the gym. Stat.
LM: Ok with me! What brought about this revelation?
TM: I'll call it a Holy Spirit provoked kick in the butt to listen to my wife and honor God by eating better and getting in shape. I'm planning on being kind of hardcore about what we eat so I hope you're ok with that.
LM: Um... You don't even have to ask.
TM: Well... So what if I say no more cheese and crackers?
LM: Hmmmm
TM: Thaaaat's what I thought
LM: Well everything in moderation.
TM: Nice.

Might I add that my sole motivation for encouraging such things is for health reasons only - just in case it comes across as though I'm expecting a certain "look" to be obtained. And for the record, I can absolutely give up crackers and cheese out of solidarity for this new effort. Well...maybe.

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