Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White Winter Hymnal.

So you know that ice I just mentioned .... the kind that wraps itself tightly around any and everything? Well if it's my car... no fun. If it's every tree, shrub, branch and berry in sight, it's breath-taking. And it rarely happens. But it's magical, especially when the sun sparkles through the branches on a clear morning. It's a sacred thing, being surrounded by such heavenly beauty. I almost ran inside to grab my camera on my way to work yesterday, knowing I'd have a good chance at catching that moment forever near the woods by the church, but I was already running late and decided not to (which I sorely regret). I was hopeful the morning sun would be in full effect this morning as I stopped by my favorite spot to try and capture some images, but to no avail.

Nevertheless, I still savored those few quiet moments of solitude out in the stillness of the morning. Even without the sun to highlight its best features, the woods are always inviting, beckoning me to stay and visit awhile.

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad to see you taking pictures of all this beautifullness. I saw some trees yesterday with ice on them and the sun making them sparkle and wished I had any talent taking pictures. <3 you!


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