Monday, November 7, 2011

Cookies and Crock Pots

So the verdict is in on those "Outrageous" Chocolate Chip Cookies I made, though the jury (of one: me) is still a bit hung. A backwards analogy at best, as I think if a jury is hung then the verdict isn't in. But anyways, here's the deal: the cookies were good, but not that good (and certainly not outrageous). I wasn't blown away by the first bite which left them unworthy to be included in the recipes list. If our friend Cameron were here, he'd say "they're nothing to write home about." However, with each passing day they seemed to taste better and better, as if they knew their reputation was on the line. By Day 3 (today) there is only one cookie left*, which leads me to believe I liked them more than I'm willing to let on. We'll see how that last cookie tastes later today (or tomorrow, if I can show some self restraint).

My next culinary pursuit is to find a winning crock pot recipe. I find that slow cookers tend to lend themselves mostly to carnivores and rarely to the vegetarian (which I was for five years, before getting pregnant). While I love a good meat-laden dish just as much as the next person, just like the Hungry Caterpillar, every now and then I just want to eat a nice green leaf. The true motivation behind my search is all in the method: it's much easier, says the lazy housewife, to throw everything into a big pot and let it cook itself for 6 hours than it is to "slave" over a hot stove. But we'll commence the expedition in the name of innovative cookery, to save face.

* let's not be led astray here with assuming I ate a whole batch of cookies in less than 48 hours. To begin with, the recipe only made about 20 cookies and about 3/4 of them were consumed when I brought them to dinner at my sister's house (who has four cookie-loving children). So really, I've eaten about 4, maybe 5, cookies since. All in all, not completely shameful.

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