Thursday, November 10, 2011

whole wheat pancakes.

Since the boys are sick, pancakes for dinner sounded good. I've only made pancakes one other time so I was a bit nervous they wouldn't turn out right. Thankfully, they were delicious and hearty enough that with a bit of syrup on top they almost tasted like french toast. The best part is, they're fairly healthy.  You can find the very simple recipe at The only adjustment I made was to use melted butter instead of vegetable oil (since I didn't have any) and I also doubled the recipe. Next time I might try adding a bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract for added flavor.

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  1. cant find your e-mail or you on facebook and I don't know if you check the comment section of my blog SO hope you check the one on yours :) so I can connect with you!

    YOU ARE PREGNANT AGAIN? how did I miss that? so exciting. having them so close... man its like twins sometimes, but it'll be great later, that's what I keep telling myself haha!

    So ARE you moving back to canada? please say YES. when are you due? hows things going?

    can you e-mail me or facebook me back? I may not find your reply on here...


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