Friday, November 18, 2011


We received that $6 art in the mail today. I created it for the blank wall in the front room, but realized after purchasing it that it would be a difficult size to frame. I'd have to buy matting on top of the cost of the frame to make it work and there's not extra money like that just lying around. Not to mention, I'm not in love with the final product.

No matter - I think I found my *free* solution! While browsing Pinterest, I came across this ingenious idea. It's actually meant to be a creative "guest book" for weddings, but I think I could easily recreate it (minus writing "Timothy & Lauren" at the bottom. No thanks). I've got a huge blank canvas that Tim bought me years ago, a box of paints that have been sorely neglected and most importantly, a pair of thumbs (necessary for the making of the leaves). The trick will be finding the time and space to work on it - hopefully during those precious Jack-naps. Watch this space!

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