Saturday, November 5, 2011

a perfect Saturday.

Tim rarely has a whole Saturday off, so I didn't want to waste the day* (see footnote) by not having a few special things planned. And nothing starts a day off better than some bacon and eggs. Am I right or am I right? Not only did we have a great breakfast, but Jack somehow managed to happily amuse himself in his crib until 9:30 which I don't think has ever happened (he normally cries for us at 8). I'll take any sleep-in opportunities I can, especially since there'll be nary a restful night once his brother arrives.

Since the weather was clear and sunny, I felt a visit to the Rainforest was in order. The logic here is off, since it's an indoor exhibit but it had the "outdoorsy" spirit to it. The admission rates were discounted, so I felt alright spending the money, and Jack's at that age now where, even though he has no idea what exactly he's looking at, if it's moving and alive he thinks it's interesting. The only unfortunate part was that right before we left (1) the baby decided to change positions and hit a nerve or (2) some bone shifting was going on, as does happen when your body is preparing to shoot out a human. Either way, it was painful to walk and the pregnant waddle was unavoidable.

The rest of the day calls for naps and relaxation and a batch of Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies (I haven't tried this recipe yet). There'll be some football-watching in there too I suppose (side note: if it were up to me, the NFL lock-out would have never lifted. Ever. Though Tim just informed me that it's college football day, so I guess it would have been unavoidable.)

This all makes for a perfect Saturday. Except for the football part (unless you're Tim.)

* In most cases, a day can easily be wasted by too many episodes of Hoarders or too many consecutive games of football. Or too many hour(s) long naps and never leaving the house (or couch).

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