Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project List

I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant or I'm simply growing into my role as full-time homemaker, but lately I've wanted the house to be clean, not just tidy. Sure I can throw a pile of clothes into the closet without folding them but I know that behind closed doors there's mess. Same goes for crumbs on the floor or dust on the shelves or dirt ground into the area rug. Even if everything is "put away" in its place, the house can still feel cluttered or just plain dirty.

The same goes for streamlining and organizing. I'm ready to get rid of all the stuff we don't use or particularly enjoy in the house. For instance, I've been itching to go through our DVD collection, pairing it down to the movies we actually watch more than once or twice a year. Some DVDs we never watch, which makes me question why we still hang on to them. I think it must be that mentality of "I might want to watch it someday." There's always that fear that the moment you no longer possess something, you'll have a need for it. But of course, that's exactly why shows like "Hoarding: Buried Alive" exist: because millions of other people feel the exact same way about their piles of stuff.

About a month ago I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish around the house that kept with the streamlining mentality. It also included home improvement ideas or things I'd like to purchase to help with creating a more pleasant/functional space. I started off on a roll, but after being taken out by a cold/sinus infection for two weeks, I lost my momentum. To get things back on track, I've created a projects tab to keep me accountable to my commitment. I included the projects I've already completed (and crossed them out) so I can track my true progress. I'll do my best to provide before and after pictures since I find those to be the most satisfying part of the process.

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