Friday, November 18, 2011

to do list: the green table

I wanted to complete a small task tonight so I decided to tackle another piece of furniture in the dining room: the green table. Our apartment seriously lacks functional storage space which is why we have so much furniture with drawers and built-in cupboards. This has resulted in us living like squirrels, tucking things here and there, behind things and under things not always out of sight but sometimes out of mind. This probably accounts for why we have double of a lot of things; stuff gets so jumbled together it's easy to miss or completely forget that you already own three bottles of super glue. The drawers below are perfect examples of this. They serve as a catch-all for random stuff we don't know what else to do with: extra headphones, a marker to cover up scratches on a car, a cigar (Tim's), and an empty bag that says "keep this away from babies and children" (did I mention this drawer is at Jack's height?).

I'm amazed at how many loose screws and various wall hanging devices and tools we have. I ended up condensing them into one of Jack's old shoe boxes (it's tiny) since I had absolutely no idea what else to do with them. Of course, now I have to find somewhere to put that box, which brings me back to my point about lacking functional storage space. One of the frustrating parts about this project was just how much stuff I had nowhere to relocate! Some of it I'm ashamed to even say we had within Jack's reach (including a rusty nail and all those bottles of super glue) and though he's learned to leave these drawers alone, I'd rather not risk finding him gluing his head to the floor. So while I'm happy with the way the drawers look now, I still have a box of leftovers that I don't have a place for.

I still feel like the drawers are full of random stuff but at this point I'm satisfied. I also found a spot for Tim's blood pressure monitor (in the CVS bag) which was previously stored under the coffee table in full view. And yes, I do know that batteries are NOT kid friendly, but at this point I'm just happy there's nothing in there Jack can impale himself with. Unless you count that rather sharp edged ruler. Or the screw drivers. *sigh* I'm going to count it as a win for now. When one of the kitchen drawers is free, I'll find them a new home.

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