Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I know I said we were going to wait on a dog. But then we watched Ares for a day, and couldn't help ourselves.... and now we have Olive....

She is precious and lovely, and completely cuddly and just a little ray of sunshine in our lives. 

As you can see, Tim is just thrilled with the Cavs jersey we bought her. The irony is that is Tim was wanting to get a jersey for himself, but we decided it was a bit too expensive. So of course, Olive had to get one instead - only saving us about $10.

The shop where we got it is right down the street from us, called Pet-Tique, and I have a feeling she'll have a number of fun things from there before too long.

Changes are on the horizon for us. Good changes. Much needed changes. God-focused changes.

Changes that are long overdue.

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