Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday I learned that Tim can do a really good Arnold Schwarzenegger  impression - at least with lines from Kindergarten Cop. 

I've also learned that Tim's beard takes on the scent of whatever he's eating as well as other interesting smells. Off the top of my head, here is a list of said odors:

Soy Sauce - oddly enough, it was in the morning and he hadn't eaten any soy sauce.
Gasoline, or some type of industrial lubricant (probably from work)
Antiseptic - most recently...
Butter - this is what it smells like 90% of the time.
Tim - yep, there's even a distinct "Tim" scent. Definitely my favorite.

That's all I can think of for now. Is this weird? I feel like this is creepy...

I don't know, it fascinates me. It's magical facial hair. And my husband has a whole beard of it.


  1. LOL!!!! That is a tad gross if it is smelling like soy sauce...ick. He probably thinks you have a very good Lauren smell too. I think everyone does I love the way Joe smells that is why I steal a shirt of his if I am not with him at night : )

  2. Play doh? Tim eats play doh?! Well that certainly is a fact to learn about my newest brother-in-law. He should go easy on guzzling the gasoline as well - I've heard it isn't really good for the human system. :)


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