Friday, April 17, 2009


Tonight we went to see one of my very favorite artists perform down at the State Theater. Ray LaMontagne is an incredible musician,, myth and truly a living legend (in my opinion anyways). I can't say enough good things about his music and about last nights show.

The theater was packed out and it was one of those concerts where the majority of the people there were hardcore fans (like yours truly) so that a huge roar of applause would go up before almost every song. If you ever get to see this man perform, go! You won't be disappointed. Supposedly, he is an extremely shy, introverted guy who occasionally performs in the dark due to his self-consciousness.  This hermit like nature peeped out every now and then - he shared no anecdotal stories between songs and only uttered a few thank yous and offered a very timid wave and a "thanks for coming out" at the end. It's pretty incredible coming from a guy with a throaty, soulful powerhouse voice that gets standing ovations throughout his entire encore. You can tell he's one artist who hasn't let the fame effect his character.

Whhoo. Ok, I just had to let that all out...the experience was so memorable and I needed to put it down somewhere.

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