Friday, April 24, 2009


"Olive is as cute as a button. But she's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box" - Tim, on training Olive.

Last night we were trying to teach Olive some new commands.

And by teach, I mean making completely uneducated attempts at making her listen to us, to the point where she just ran away from me looking worried. Tim then spent the rest of the night trying to reassure me that Olive doesn't hate me. 

I realize now I'd gone about it in the wrong way, so I'm looking forward to starting afresh. 

I was telling Tim that many books say to use "Hurry up" as a command when they're going to the bathroom. "I think its good to tell her that because then she knows to be quick about it and not to take her time"

Tim then had to explain that the words "Hurry up" mean nothing to a dog, since they don't understand English.

Oh. I thought maybe they'd know to go faster.... 

Ah well, before long Tim will be on skates with a thousand well-behaved dogs at his side just like Cesar Milan.

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