Friday, April 10, 2009


So, we did it. We got our addition to the family. His name is Walter and he is the man. Walter is a one year old wire-haired terrier. The best thing about him though is how insanely calm and relaxed he is. He definitely has an "old soul". We picked him up early this morning and at the lady's house that we got him from, there was three other dogs and they were all barking and going nuts and Walter was just standing there... chillin. We've had him almost all day and I still haven't heard him bark once. The woman we got him from said she had never heard him bark. He just kind of follows us around and LOVES to cuddle up with us and just have us scratch his head and give him hugs. He's a little unsure about walking on the leash, he's a little timid. He likes to walk right behind us. I'm sure he'll get more confident as time goes on. Anyways, he's just a sweet old man in a little dogs body and we are very happy to welcome him to our family :)


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