Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beard.

Ever since I knew Tim was going to be able to reclaim his beard (about a week or so ago) I've been very excited. The beard, for both of us, is a beloved friend of ours. You may remember a post from about a year ago when I described the different scents it occasionally takes on - crayons, cedar shavings, but mostly a buttery kind of fragrance. Grossed out? Not me! And believe me, these smells are unrelated to Tim's environment or activity. Meaning of course... he doesn't eat sticks of butter nor is he an avid user of crayons.

But ever since the blessed day we found out he got the green light for beard regrowth, I keep hearing "The beard is back in town, beard is back in town" to the tune of "The boys are back in town, boys are back in town..." in my head. Yes, the beard has its own theme song now - and of its own doing, mind you. The tune came without any effort on my part. I guess I'm just subconsciously that excited about it.

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