Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hospital Tour.

The other night Tim and I toured the hospital I'll be delivering at in less then (dot dot dot) two months! I can't believe it's so close.

I liked the feel of the hospital - friendly and bright, but also safe and reliable. And that's saying a lot what with my extensive experience with hospital environments. I don't think I shall ever stop mourning the loss of qualifying for care in the children's ward.... a privilege I last encountered at the cut off age of 17.... however, I've been thankful that since then and up until now my days have been hospital-stay free.

While we both found the tour a little more in-depth than really necessary, I will say that it helped me come to some informed conclusions:
  • a) I definitely want to deliver naturally - so long, of course, that no harm comes to Jack or myself as a result.
  • b) I really hope I get one of the rooms with the jacuzzi tubs. If reservations were allowed, I would make one.
  • c) I will definitely make the most of all available amenities - mainly the DVD player.
  • d) I really really really don't want a C-section.
There were about 4 other couples with us on the tour, including one family with a two or three year old. He was one of those little boys who's interested in everything in sight. When our tour guide said something to one of the other nurses about having heard about one of the "fresh babies" that was just born, he turned to his dad and asked if he was going to get to see a fresh baby. I don't know why, but at the time it was funny.

And that was that.


  1. hee hee
    that kid is funny.

    also. gimme new tunes!

    i like fyfe dangerfield.
    also, sia.


  2. Aban!! I went to comment on your Facebook and it's gone! Is that supposed to be the case? Also, I can't access your blog. You've disappeared.

    My music recommendation as of late is Mumford & Sons :)

    Hope you enjoy.


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