Friday, May 28, 2010

To Alere.

Thank you for providing free diabetes testing supplies and insulin over the course of the past few months. You truly helped me out in a time of need and I appreciate your services.

However, I must confess I will not miss calling you every day to punch in my numbers nor will I miss your follow-up phone calls which always result in the same repetitive conversation.

I especially won't miss having to remember to pee on those little keytone sticks every morning when I get up - which has resulted in a nervous tick every time I pee because I feel as though I'm forgetting to do something important.

While I am grateful for our brief encounter, and always shall be, I'm just as grateful to be free from you. Thank you and goodbye.

Yours cordially,

Lauren Myers, recovering gestational diabetic

1 comment:

  1. huzzah!!

    i can't get enough of mumford & sons!
    i heart, heart, H E A R T 'em.

    ps: where can i email you?


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