Friday, May 14, 2010


Thankfully, today's photography shoot turned out pretty good. I say that now, but I haven't actually sat down and really looked at the pictures to edit them, so we'll see. The funny thing about the whole scenario was that Tim had bought me a new lens for my DSLR camera for Christmas. I hadn't actually taken it out of its box till this morning (silly, silly mistake). Well what I assumed to be a macro lens was actually a telephoto lens. Why he chose that lens, I have no idea. Turns out that telephoto lens was my saving grace yesterday - everything had to be shot from very far back and without that thing I would have been working with some pretty useless shots. So thank you God, in all your wisdom, for knowing that I would need that telephoto lens in the worst way. And thank you to my husband for buying it.

The day (which had been quite stressful for me) ended on a wonderful note when Tim surprised me with a dinner at Aladdin's and a movie (Iron Man 2). Date nights are the best :)

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