Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's hard for me to keep my eyes open today and the baby isn't even here yet. This does not bode well.

Yesterday Tim won tickets from a radio contest. He didn't even know what the prize was, but since he knew the answer to the quiz he decided to call the number and waddya know, he got right through and won............... four tickets to see the new Shrek movie. Nothing too special, but better than a kick in the pants as I always say.

Jack's dresser was put together by his daddio yesterday. It's a nicer dresser than I've ever had. And he's just a baby. A baby who will become a toddler who will probably climb all over it and not appreciate just how nice a dresser it really is. We also finally found a piece of furniture to store all his books in which I'm pumped about. His room is coming together nicely :)

My next ultrasound, which I think will be THE ultrasound, isn't till next Thursday which feels like forever and ever. And by THE ultrasound, I mean... the one that will determine whether they induce me earlier than 39 weeks. Such suspense!

Yesterday I was craving turkey chili. Today I am craving tuna casserole. I haven't had cravings for a while. Maybe it's Jack's way of getting his last "real" meals in before he arrives.


  1. I'm making tuna noodle tomorrow night - want me to save you some ;)

  2. I would say yes, but tuna has been making me sick for the past 6 months :( So I probably shouldn't risk it. But thanks!!!!

  3. Which is why its even more weird I'm craving it....


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