Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Jack.

This letter is long overdue. I know of other mothers who write their babies a letter every month for the first year, and then once a year after that. Well, it's almost month five and I'm just getting started. I guess if you read my last post, you'd know why it took me so long.

The past four and a half months have been quite the life changing experience for your dad and I, but I think *especially* for me, because being a mother is not something that's always come naturally to me. While you were still in my tummy, I thought taking care of you was going to be very difficult - but boy did you prove me wrong! Thank goodness you are such a good teacher when it comes to how to love a baby, or make a baby smile and giggle, or give a baby your all. Changing your diapers are a cinch and giving you a bath couldn't be more fun!

Speaking of baths, you definitely took to them right from the start and have loved them ever since. That is one routine Daddy and I have managed to uphold (for the most part) for bedtime - bath (or shower), get your jammies on, have your bedtime milk (sometimes with story - mostly Paddington Bear), and then sleepy time. You have been a real champ lately when it comes to sleeping. So long as your toasty warm and full of milk you can sleep anywhere from 8 to 10 hours at night without waking up once. That's amazing!

I always say you're the little sunshine in my life because it's just so true. I get excited in the morning when you wake up and instead of putting you back in your crib, I can bring you into bed with Daddy and I. I think you enjoy this just about as much as we do. I also love when you wake up from your nap and I can say "Good Morning Sunshine!" and you smile at me and look all pleased. That little grin is something I try to draw out as much as possible throughout the day. My favorite is when I'm nursing you and you stop every now and then, turn your head to look at me and give me a little smile as soon as I look down. Sometimes you even make a cooing sound so as to get my attention. I can't tell you how much I covet those special little moments we share.

Some new things you've been discovering and enjoying the past few months are the jolly jumper (you're just starting to get the hang of it), eating rice cereal (though you weren't sure at first), and chewing on daddy's fingers (mine are too skinny). We also discovered, to Daddy's delight, that you like watching football. Oh, and how can I forget your affinity for the song Halo by Beyonce? Some things you've decided you definitely don't like are going in the car, falling asleep, and most of all - people other than Daddy and I holding you. Your poor grandads are so eager to cuddle you and you always give them a hard time. We're hoping you grow out of this soon, because there are a lot of people who want to hold you.

Something that was prophesied over you twice, while you were still in the womb, was the word "feisty." And boy is that true sometimes! You can be very determined and vocal when you want something - just like your mom :) You also tend to go from zero to a hundred in terms of emotion - just like your mom :) But I think it's that feisty spirit, that determination, that was given to you by God in order that you would overcome many things both en vitro and later in life.

Oh and did I mention you're cute?! And not just kind of cute... really cute. SUPER cute, even. I can't tell you how many people stop to tell me just how beautiful you are. People from far far away even took the time to write and tell me that you are the "cutest baby they've ever seen." Strangers - men and women, young and old - stop me in the stores, at church... all over! ... just to let me know how cute you are. Now, don't let this go to your handsome little head, because God values character over cuteness... but I do feel blessed to be given the privilege of laying eyes on such a pretty baby every day. I think you must get your good looks from your dad....

Well, I think that's about it. Thank you for being such a wonderful little man and for bringing so much joy into our lives. I never knew just how much the love of a child could mean to me until you came along!

I'll try to write you another letter in a month or so - if my procrastination doesn't get the better of me! Hopefully you won't inherit that trait from me :(

Lots of love,

Mummy (and Daddy)

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