Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tired. Cold. Hungry!

It's only 9:51 am and I'm about to eat a rice noodle bowl because I'm that hungry. I always feel weird eating lunch food before 11:30ish - I feel like it puts me in a category I don't want to be in (kind of how people always say that drinking before noon is shameful - except not quite, but yes, just like that) unless said food is brunch food in which case - bring on the brunch!

You know what is never fun? Trying to figure someone out. Trying to crack their shell of politeness and get to the quirkiness I know exists so I can feel better about my own weirdness. The struggle comes when you work to find the balance between trying and trying too hard. That's when things start to feel forced and uncomfortable and then you just avoid the person because of social awkwardness. It's tricky. Very tricky.

It's cold in my office. And I want a nap. And being cold, and tired, and hungry is not a good combination. Trust me.

You know what would knock two of these ailments straight back to where they came from?

A rice noodle bowl. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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