Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kelly Green Knit Wool Beret.

I've recently started wearing hats. My favorite hat is a kelly green knit wool beret that is warm and sort of quirky, but still embraces hat coolness. Sunday at Bible study I was looking at a tiny little hole at the top of the hat where the wool comes together. That's when I made the unfortunate discovery that the tip of my finger just fit through that hole and the even more unfortunate discovery that it was fun to make the hat go around and around on the tip of said finger.

So there I sat, spinning away, carrying on conversations, completely oblivious to the fact that the more I spun, the bigger that little hole got and next thing I knew the hole had gone from the size of a tiny pea to the size of a quarter. I tried to let myself be reassured that the hat was still wearable - that the hole wasn't strangely big, just biggish. Others affirmed me in this effort. But alas, my tendency to not want something once its been ruined in some small way reared its ugly beret-wearing head and I've only felt regret towards it since. Today I tried to pull the wool back together but this only resulted in more unraveling, at which point I wanted to pull it to shreds in frustration.

Instead, I did the sensible thing and went on Target's website to try and find another one. To my delight, my dear hat's many twins are sitting at an array of store locations in my area, including the one near work. At some point today I will be picking up my new kelly green knit wool beret and wearing it on my little head, not the tip of my little finger.

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