Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Knock Before Entering.

Number of men that work in the office with me: 4
Number of men I work with that have walked in on me pumping: 2

That's 50%, people! It stands to reason that before my pumping days are through, 100% of the men I work with will have walked in on me pumping. Need I mention that while doing my motherly duty, I'm pretty much exposed from the waist up?

Thankfully I have the whereabouts to cover up before they have time to see anything of consequence. And before you ask - yes I usually lock the door, but occasionally forget. And yes, I've made a point of saying "When the door is closed, I'm pumping." And yes, when they do knock I say "Just a second!" or "Come back in a few minutes" or "I'm busy!" but in both cases of entry while pumping, neither man heard this cry for privacy and came in anyways.

Number of men I work with that walked in on me pumping and then continued to talk to me for a few minutes while I pumped: 1

Did I mention I hate pumping? For reasons above as well as the sheer hassle of getting it all set up. Though thank the Lord I have an electric pump and not a hand held.

There's nothing like hooking yourself up to a machine and being milked like a cow.


  1. i laughed a lot when i read this "There's nothing like hooking yourself up to a machine and being milked like a cow."

  2. this is hi-larious!
    oddly, I don't mind pumping. Also, praising Jesus I don't have to use a hand-held, circa 1986, the glorious year of my birth and my mom's hand-held pump.
    when did your maternity leave end?

  3. Haha - I was slightly horrified when the one guy kept on talking to me.... it was rather awkward.
    I had a moment of panic today when the plug for my pump wouldn't work (the wire connector is old and fraying) and I was already 3 hours overdue for my "milking" haha.

    Unfortunately (very unfortunately) the States maternity leave policies are mostly left up to the employer. The standard is 6 weeks unpaid. I work for a church who was gracious enough to give me half pay, but I had to use my two weeks paid vacation as part of my 6 week leave. Thankfully, I'm at home with Jack on Mondays and Fridays and Tim or my mom is with him Tuesdays-Thursdays... so he's always in good hands :)

  4. NO. Argh. I'm so sorry Lauren. How wonderful that your hubs AND mom are available. My parents live 7 hours away and would probably kill several people in order to chill with Lily on a regular basis.
    Darn USA, tell 'em to get with it. Canada gives 12 months PAID.


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