Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Decision, Bad Decision.

First bad decision of the day:
Trying to get some extra sleep this morning before work
and then waking up at exactly 8:30 when I should be getting in the car.

Second bad decision of the day:
Eating Swedish meatballs.

Speaking of decisions, I still haven't decided completely about going up to Canada this weekend. I'm such a terrible decision maker to begin with, especially when I have to pick between two things. I've been in the process of making the "Do we go to Canada?" decision for about two weeks now. Yep, two weeks. Gah! I told Tim earlier today, "Let's just go" but am already biting my nails in anxiety over whether I really want to do that.

The biggest factors holding us back are Jack (who's sure to wail for some part of the 7 hour drive up there) and money (it's going to cost us about $100 to do it). Even now the idea of 7 hours in the car with Jack - who hates his car seat - is not appealing. He's ok if he's asleep (obviously) or if the car is in motion (most of the time) but we're talking 5 1/2 hours driving time ( that's without traffic delays) plus the several pit stops we'll have to make to feed him.

If it were just for a visit I'd have nixed the idea ages ago, but it's to bury my Nanny's ashes (who passed away several months ago) and I can't decide if that's something I'll regret missing if we choose to stay put.

One of the greatest things about being married is I can always defer to Tim to make a decision when I don't want to. Except in situations like these, where the decision is personal to me. Drat!

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