Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back from the North.

Our trip was much smoother and more relaxing than I anticipated. Traveling long distances with a 7 month old can certainly have its challenges, but Jack proved to be a better traveler than we gave him credit for. Having two weekends in a row with Allie and James was wonderful and something I don't think has ever happened in the history of all our visits.

I should interject here with an explanation about my anticipation of passing the state prison on the way up (as mentioned in a previous post) and my hope of seeing some prisoners outside in the yard. I realized this makes it sound as if I get a thrill from witnessing people being kept behind a barb wire fence when in reality I just find it fascinating to get a glimpse into what seems like a whole other world of which I'm not a part. This is also the case when entering Amish country.

Anyways, now that we've had a fairly positive experience of taking a long car ride with Jack and not arriving home too worse for wear, I feel our future in taking more trips to Canada is a bright one. Something interesting that we, or should I say Jack, picked up along the way was this seemingly unidentified object - which could easily be mistaken for squished poop - is actually a piece of plastic steak. It's only too fitting that the son of a formerly dedicated vegetarian mother and a proudly carnivorous father would develop an attachment to a fake piece of meat. It's from a food play set that his cousin's had for their mini diner and after watching him chew on it all weekend I asked if we could take it home with us. They graciously obliged and it is now our go to object for when Jack is in need of something to do. Aside from chewing on it, he also occasionally enjoys scratching it lovingly over and over with his little thumb nail.

Here are a couple more pictures from Jack's busy visit up North:

Eating a rice husk and being a Cowboy

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  1. #1. Did I ever tell you JD and I saw the inmates having their 'outdoor' time a few years ago when traveling through? It did give me a little thrill...and I thought of you.

    #2. Jack on the horse is irresistibly cute

    #3. I miss you!


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