Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The List (so far)

I haven't finished the list by any means (so much for the end of weekend deadline) but I've made progress. Here is my list of goals for 2011 thus far, and in no particular order of importance:

{1} Start and finish a knitting project
{2} Write a song on the guitar
{3} Read 3 to 5 books, cover to cover
{4} Open an Etsy shop (and hopefully sell something)

I know these are simple goals, and I'm hoping the other half of the list will be a bit more ambitious and big-picturesque. But for now I don't want to set my sights too high, since having a baby and a husband means that my goals must take their needs into consideration as well. Back in the day, I'm positive this list would have included "Move to a new country" or something of that nature.

Tim's list, thus far, is:

{1} Read the entire Bible
{2} Record an EP with Lauren and Cameron
{3} Get Lauren pregnant

When I suggested we make these lists, he asked whether we were going to share our goals with each other. In consideration of goal No. 3, I'm glad we did. It's good to be in the know for those sorts of matters. Not telling me would also be a just a bit divisive on his part: "What?! I'm pregnant?! How did THIS happen? ...... Tim!!!"

So to all of you out there who heard our speech on the benefits and joys of having just one baby, who felt the force of our vehement defense against your cries of having a "spoiled" and "lonely" child (which I will always disagree with).... apparently, you win. It took Tim less than a month after having Jack to decide that one is not enough and two must be had. He gave up trying to convince me of this a while back and now just states very matter-of-factly that we will unquestionably become a family of four.

And try as I might to convince Tim and myself that this is not the plan I signed up for - that having just one baby is what I truly want, Tim is always quick to catch the beginning of a smile that forms at the corner of my mouth as I ponder the thought of gazing down at another little Myers.


  1. Hey I say if you only have 1 that is great and God knows best but 2 is great too and like above said God knows best :)

  2. i haven't met jack yet, but i love him.
    MORE of babies like him is FINE by me.

  3. also, i wanted to meal you and have LOST all your info. i am an idiot.

    i saw this and thought of you

    also. i want to eat hummus and dip with you.


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