Saturday, January 22, 2011

"I'm Only Helping"

Tonight we finally got together with the Foxes and Bradfords and it was so refreshing to see these old, dear friends of ours. Since having Jack, I could count on one hand how many times we've collectively gotten together with either couple. This makes us very sad, so it was high time we got together again.

We all met at Dewey's where I ate two delicious slices of pepperoni pizza and Jack did his very best to not pass out from the effects of Tylenol for his achin' gums. Back at the old a.p.t. we compared our favorite youtube videos (ours being amazing race watermelon to the face and sound of music flash mob) and played a boys vs girls best out of three euchre tournament with the B-fords - girls won, naturally. The following was also introduced to us tonight by Ashley, which for whatever reason had me bent over with laughter every time I watched it (which was more than a few times). I'm laughing now. It's THAT funny to me.


  1. definitely chuckling about this video. i like that part where the weird lady/man starts grabbing snickers from the shelf...too funny!

  2. checked out the watermelon in the face - totally funny couldn't stop laughing...


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